I help individuals and small businesses present their message persuasively by working with content and presentation, substance and form, words and images.

Designing for the Web and for Print

Designing—both for the web and for print—is a big part of my work. Images give breadth, context, and resonance to a message; communication is most effective when content and presentation, substance and form work together. I design and develop custom websites using WordPress as a CMS (content management system). I also do graphic and print design: books and book covers, cards, advertising, promotional pieces, and the like. The creation of e-books is a new element in this print-web fusion.

Editing and Writing

I also work with words: editing and writing. My editorial work ranges from the light, disciplined touch of a copyedit to major restructuring of a text. The level of editing follows the client’s expressed needs and wishes. (I have been told I have a particular talent for preserving the client’s unique voice.)

I work with both publishers/presses and individual writers.

I also write, developing custom content to a client’s specifications.

Synergies and Strategies

Surprisingly often, these services grow together. Along with editing one client’s book, I did its design, layout, and project management—seeing it through from rough draft to delivered copies. (And two years later, I made it into an ebook.) For a website client, I also took photos and videos to document her work.

I ask clients to develop a content strategy for a website being developed or re-designed, and can help them with this. When the client wishes, I can fine-tune the verbal content of a site: editing for grammar, flow, relevance to content strategy, and findability, or developing new content for key pages. I can revise content—from rough draft to existing copy—too. I have designed coordinating identity pieces (business cards, stationery), and even the cover for a music cd, to go with a website.

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