Generally, the best way to contact me is by email.

My Skype name is marthaleeturner. I don’t keep Skype running continually, so it is best to arrange beforehand if you want to talk with me using Skype.

I can also be reached by telephone at 312-401-1650. Please leave a message (or even better, a text) if I am unable to answer. Under most circumstances, email is likely to produce a quicker response—it really is the best way to contact me.

By the way: “Lee” is my middle name: not part of my first name, not part of my last name.

About My Work

I help individuals and small businesses present their messages compellingly.

Sometimes I do this through words: editing and writing, ranging from minimal involvement to major restructuring—always in service of your voice and message. I can also develop content to your specifications. Words clarify, differentiate, inspire, and provoke insight.

Sometimes I do this through images: designing and wrangling code to create websites that are feature-rich, database driven, standards compliant, and responsive—as well as beautiful and typographically persnickity. Or through photography, or graphics, or book/e-book design and layout. Images give breadth, context, and resonance to a message.

Surprisingly often, these approaches grow together.

My work is to bring together content and presentation, substance and form, words and images, to create a compelling presentation of your message.

Please look around this site, get a feel for what I have done. Maybe I am the right person to work with you!

About Me

mlt-softwall-june15You can learn more about my work and background on my LinkedIn page.

I earned my BA and PhD in subjects that were both beguiling and rigorous: BA in History & Philosophy (Skidmore, 1985), PhD in Christianity & Judaism in Antiquity (Notre Dame, 1994).

For the past twenty years, I’ve earned my living mostly by editing & writing plus website development, along with some occasional adjunct teaching. (This semester—fall of 2015—I’m running a website for a course I’m teaching: take a peek, if you like.)

Some old photos of me—and of furniture I designed and built (a really long time ago), some of my art (pastels), and some of my photography (pinhole photos! tree flowers!) are up on Flickr.

I’m rather slowly collecting insights into the connections among interpersonal practice, meditation, active mindfulness, and play at Half of the Holy Life. (Maybe this project will grow up to be a book someday, or something else—who knows?)

A brand new project—sparsely stocked and still a little ragged—is The Buddhist Reader, in which I curate a list of books on Buddhism, with notes and short reviews.

I am not very active on Facebook, but you are welcome to visit my page there, if you wish.

You will find ways to contact me under the Contact tab on this site.