Project: Logo for a Non-Profit

Logo | Social Media Integration
A logo design I created pro bono for a very small organization whose mission is to empower seniors and others through improvisation. Combining Gill Sans in its somewhat quirky Ultra Bold weight with Mistral, this logo/graphic took its square shape from an early target use: a Community Page on Facebook.

Project: CD Cover for a Folksinger

CD Cover | Project Management
My friend and website client Margaret J. Nelson was issuing a new cd, and I was lucky enough to make the cover! The front cover emphasized the global themes of several of her songs along with her signature antique typefaces, while the back used another friend’s oil painting of Margaret with her autoharp. More>

Project: Editing, Book Design, Layout, & Project Management

Substantive Editing | Design | Layout | Project Management
The largest portion of my work on this project was editing the text. Along with making some smaller scale edits, I significantly re-shaped and re-arranged some sections. I also designed the book, did the layout, and shepherded the project through the printing process.

The author of this book, Greg Kramer, wrote a sweet and very specific Acknowledgment—singular, not plural—about my editorial contributions to this project. More>

Project: Book Design, Layout, & Logo Design

selftoself-cover-600After some years of publishing a small newsletter—with changing formats—this organization wanted to re-publish its best articles. The size (11″ x 17″ paper folded to 8.5″ x 11″), photocopy technology, and the two-column format were all givens for this very inexpensively produced volume. I chose fonts and metrics and formatted the text. I also created a logo for the cover and title page, and inserted a few small black-and-white photos, optimized for photocopy reproduction. More>