Project: Editing, Book Design, Layout, & Project Management

Substantive Editing | Design | Layout | Project Management
The largest portion of my work on this project was editing the text. Along with making some smaller scale edits, I significantly re-shaped and re-arranged some sections. I also designed the book, did the layout, and shepherded the project through the printing process.

The author of this book, Greg Kramer, wrote a sweet and very specific Acknowledgment—singular, not plural—about my editorial contributions to this project. More>

Project: Substantive Editing

2005 & 2006
Developmental Editing | Copy Editing
I worked with Gregory Kramer on his first book Insight Dialogue (Shambhala, 2007). This book had begun several years before as a booklet for meditation students, its successive revisions privately printed in small numbers. Then it grew to a book manuscript of more than 100,000 words. My work was to tighten and clarify structure, to reduce the word count to around 80,000 words, and to work at the sentence and paragraph levels for greater clarity and grace.

Academic Employment: Teaching the Craft of Writing

At the University of Notre Dame, I taught and coached the craft of writing in two small group seminar courses. The Freshman Writing Course and the Arts and Letters Core Course both existed, in part, to nurture writing and related communication skills across a broad range of subject matter in the humanities. I taught two semester-long sections of Freshman Writing and five year-long sections of the Arts and Letters Core Course.

More recently I taught World Literature and Western Humanities at Wilbur Wright College, one of the City Colleges of Chicago. Both courses identify improvement in written and oral communications skills as a primary learning outcome.

(At Notre Dame I also taught fifteen much larger sections of a survey course covering the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament, and early Christian history.)